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Anji YuKang Machinery CO.,LTD. is located northwast the Yangtze River delta, the Hang-Jia-Hu area plain, the scenery beautiful Huangpu River source of, Chinese bamboo township -- Anji.

This company is a specialized manufacture bamboo, the woodware processing equipment's enterprise, main manufacturing series several dozens variety machine-finishing equipment and so on bamboo floor, furniture plate, bamboo ware processing. The principal variety includes: The bamboo machinery, the bamboo chopsticks complete set machinery, the toothpick complete set machinery, digs the bamboo splint machine, the packaging machine, the bamboo floor complete set of equipment, the bamboo summer sleeping mat complete set of equipment, the sander, the broken bamboo machine, the drawing machine, the braiding machine, to plane smooth machine, the belt festival twin chopsticks machinery, the day to truncate the chopsticks machinery, to swing belittles machine. The product design is novel, manufacture excellent, on-time delivery, sells in distant markets the land. Since long, pays great attention to absorb the domestic and foreign bamboo machinery's vanguard technology, develops the innovation unceasingly, causes the product to hasten the rationalization, excellent, the practical application. Along with enterprise's unceasing development, we enhance the technique of production to develop more new products unceasingly, adapts the market demand. In addition may has custom-made each kind of bamboo craft machinery according to the customer request and the design.

The enterprise take unites the innovation, to explore and develop as the spirit; Strives for the survival by the quality; Strives for the development take the prestige as the management idea; By the first-class product quality, the highly effective service, the preferential benefit product price welcome the new old customer presence, the cooperation wholeheartedly.

Bamboo Floor Machine
Mat and Curtain Blind Machine
Penny Template Machine
Hydraulic Machine
Single Chopsticks Machine

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